Daniel McDonald [1930–2011]

DANIEL has been in private practice on both an individual and group basis since 1967, working in many areas including family therapy, drug and sexual abuse and addictions. Dan has pioneered intensive weeklong group sessions and has instituted two "Journey into Self-Discovery" programs: one for Men in Ministry and the other for Professional People. He is both a former seminarian and a publisher who assisted in the development of many educational programs geared towards a deeper understanding of the Self. He is the founder of the School For Psychotherapy & Emotional Bodywork and is co-founder and co-director of Asklepion [Toronto] Ltd.


Joan Barnett

Joan is in private practice, in Toronto, with an emphasis on individual and group work. She holds a Diploma from SPEB where she is a faculty member. Her teaching focus at the School includes: the Theory and Practice of Body Psychotherapy, Addiction, Trauma work, Embodied Imagery, Dream work and Somatic Mindfulness.


Anne Deck R.N., C. Ht.

ANNE holds a Diploma from SPEB, is in private practice and is a faculty member of the School in the Diploma program. In addition to this, Anne's interest has been in her work with women and running workshops where women can deeply explore their sexuality and presence in relationship.


John J. Kennedy Ph. D.

JOHN holds a diploma from the SPEB where he is also a faculty member. His doctoral thesis on Freud's scientific method in the Philosophy of Science reflects his abiding interest in psychotherapy, spirituality, sexuality and the inter-relationship of character, religion and moral style. The history and philosophy of science remain as ever keen and absorbing interests.


John Pitt M.T.C.

JOHN is in private practice. He holds a Diploma from SPEB and is a faculty member of the School. John's is also trained as a registered Shiatsu Therapist, certified Sex Addiction Therapist [Compass Point Addiction Foundation] and is the co-founder/co-director of Asklepion [Toronto].


Joseph Schnurr M.Ed.

He leads classes on a variety of topics, in which he is expert, which include Self-psychology and the history and practice of Emotional Bodywork among others.


Karen Watpool

Karen is a licensed Pharmacist and a faculty member of the School. Karen teaches pharmacology to aid the the knowledge of the therapist in how to assess clients and consider if prescription medication would aid the process of a client through episodes of depression, anxiety, etc., incorporating information on the current medical trends of treatment in this regard.